Cranes and Heavy Haulers List    Crane Capacities List
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650 Ton Crane prepares to exit from barge across dry dock to land. .


HCS uses specialized Bridge Mats to reinforce customer's floating dry dock and to avoid damaging floating dry dock's wing walls.


"650 Ton crane crosses specialized Bridge Mats

"Critical Lift - 3 Cranes"
HCS's experienced operators work simultaneously using 3 cranes to lower a 958,000 pound Wood Yard Crane needing repairs.


"Can you see the Super...?"
The 6 feet tall Crawler Tracks are a stark contrast to the Superintendent's height as he directs this 540 Ton petroleum component to vertical stance


"HCS Is Your In-Plant Heavy Hauler"
It's best to load out, move, and unload just once. That's why HCS uses specialized Bridge Mats and Hydraulic Platform Trailers to maneuver oversize and overweight loads when tight clearances and trough topography are a concern.

"Sweet Home Alabama"
HCS's 300 Ton Cranes are on call 24/7 at Alabama State Docks for Stevedore, Shipping & Logistic Customers. 300 ft Boom & 90 ft Jib reaches almost any freight. With 115,000 combined cwts, it's a perfect choice for heavy freight, too.


HCS skillfully lifts customer's condenser from grade with our 275 Ton, then continues up and over a 10 story building using the 207 ft Luffer Fly Jib giving a reach height of 380 ft. HCS has the only Hydraulic Crane in Mobile capable of completing this 10+ story lift in this tight area between parked cars and building .


"Modular Buildings Under Radar Fly Bridge" 
HCS uses 650 Ton & 250 Ton Cranes to carefully make "double lifts" setting finished built Modular Buildings under the Ship's Radar Fly Bridge.

"Medium Size Cranes"
From 35 Tons to 100 Tons, we have medium size cranes like this 50 Ton for your high lift job.


"Helping Customer Eliminate Risks"
The 800 Ton's Super Lift attachment enabled the customer to install a 116 ft tall Stack to final placement as a "finished unit". The customer elected to avoid excessive "high work" by fabricating and assembling it on the ground. Then hired HCS to set the whopping 275,000 lbs stack "whole".
Skillful and safe... Lift in Motion" .


"We Help You Plan"
Precise Planning, Certified Rigging, and Expertise are essential to successful heavy lifts. The 1200 Ton Crane has 393 ft main boom, 140 ft superlift boom, and 700 Tons cwts. Upon request, HCS plans with Customers
months in advance of actual Lifts and provides Autocad drawings for critical lifts. Call Vernon, Larry or Ryan when planning your next lift. .